Online Census 2021 – Digital Champions

Sunday 21st March – Census Day is here!

Please go to

or freephone 0800 141 2021 for help

Census staff are available to help you from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

Taking part in the census is so important. It gathers essential information that’s used for things that affect our community like housing, schools and social care.

The census should take you about 10 minutes for the Household questions and 10 minutes per person.
You can choose to either fill in your census online or you can call 0800 141 2021 to request a paper copy.
The Age UK Advice Line can also help answer questions about the census. Call free on 0800 678 1602, 8am to 7pm, every day.
Devices you can use
You can use any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to fill in your online form. You can start it on one device and finish it on another, as long as you use the same access code.
You can use a public computer
Just make sure you protect your access code to keep your information safe.
You should:
  • Treat your access code the same way you would a password
  • Make sure you click “save and sign out” if you haven’t finished, or press “submit” if you’re all done
  • Do not leave behind anything which has your access code details on
  • When you’ve finished
  • Check to make sure you’ve completed each section correctly before you submit the form.
You won’t be able to edit or view your information after pressing submit.
If you received a paper form and you’ve completed the census online, please recycle the form. Just remember to remove and destroy the front page with your details on first.
Received more than one code?
Whichever code you use, make sure you use the same code when returning to an online form you’ve already started. Destroy any others.
If you’ve received a letter that has a different address to yours, please put it in a post box so it can get to the right address.

As part of the Digital Champions Network, we are available for telephone,

or email support between 09:30 and 12pm, Monday to Friday.

Please contact us at or on 01423 861 066 if you,

or someone you know could benefit from some guidance on anything digital.