Knaresborough Post
23 August 1941
Farm Workers’ Hostels -Work has begun on a site in Chain Lane, Knaresborough, on the construction of one of the new Government hostels for farm workers. These hostels, of which nearly 300 are being built throughout the country, are intended to accommodate gangs of workers who will be available to give help on any farms in the district where there is a call for labour. Standard plans of two types of hostel, accommodating 30 and 50 men respectively, have been prepared and every effort is being made to cut out delay in their erection.
Three Blocks. -Each hostel is composed of three blocks -a dormitory, an ablution block and a welfare block. The ablution block contains, in addition to sanitary facilities, baths, shower-baths, washing basins, a linen room and a drying room. There is also a foot bath for washing rubber boots. In the welfare block are a good-sized dining and recreation room, a kitchen, accommodation for the hostel manager, and a small sick bay.
Italian Prisoners? -The Knaresborough hostel, which is to have accommodation for 50 men, will not be ready in time for the corn harvest, but it is expected to be completed before the potato gathering. A member of the County War Agricultural Committee stated on Monday that there was a possibility of its being used for the accommodation of some of the Italian prisoners of war who are being brought to this country for agricultural work.


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