What’s On

Our timetable of activities is being updated as and when restrictions ease and more groups are able to return.

Please note that most of our children’s activities do not run during school holidays.

 Click on the blue group names if you would like to visit that group’s Facebook page, website or email address for some more information or to book your place.

Feel free to call us on 01423 861 066 / info@chainlane.org during office hours (9:30am-12pm, Monday to Friday) for more information.

MONDAY 09.30-10.30am    Harrogate & Knaresborough Toy Library – parent & pre-toddling baby session

09.30-12.00pm    Painting Class – is due back at the Hub at Step 4

09.30-12.00pm    Flowers and Friends, our weekly gardening group: all welcome!

6.00-7.00pm   Pilates with Emergy 

7.00-8.00pm   Jazz & Musical Theatre Advanced Dance Class (18+) – NEW starting 6th September Contact 07980 101895

7.30-9.00pm   Curiously Strong Art Group – Contact richardasquire@yahoo.co.uk / 07984674344

TUESDAY 09.15 – 10.00am   Heaven & Hell Fitness Fitness Pilates with weights-due back in September

11.00-11.35am    Babyballet ‘Movers’ 3-4 years

11.45am-12.20pm   Babyballet ‘Tinies’ 18mths-3 years

12.30-13.00pm    Babyballet ‘Tots’ 6-18 mths

2.30-3.45 pm     Dancing for Well-being

5.00-6.00pm    Knaresborough Martial Arts & Leadership Academy

7.00-8.30pm     Yoga with Judi is due back at the Hub at Step 4

7.00-9.00pm     My Expert Midwife: Antenatal classes NEW starts 7th September

WEDNESDAY 09.30-10.30am    Harrogate & Knaresborough Toy Library – new parent &baby session

09.30-10.15am  HiiT Fitness with Emergy

10.25-11.10am  Pilates with Emergy 

2.00-3.30   Tai Chi Qigong   due back at Step 4

3.55-4.25pm    Kidslingo (4-7 yrs)

4.30-5.00pm   Kidslingo (4-7 yrs)

5.20-5.60pm Kidslingo (8-11 yrs) back soon

6.30-7.15pm  Zumba  due back at Step 4

7.30-8.15pm   Zumba due back at Step 4


THURSDAY 09.45-10.30am    Kidslingo (18mths-4 yrs)

10.45-11.30am   Kidslingo (18mths-4 yrs)

10.45-11.45am Pilates for Men with Emergy

6.15 -7.15pm  Pilates with Emergy

7.30-8.30pm   HiiT, Stretch & Flex with Emergy

7.00-9.30pm   The Chain Gang Square Dancing – back in September

FRIDAY 09.30-10.15am   Fit Mix Fridays with Emergy 

09:30-10:00am  Rhythm Time: pre-school 3-5 years
10:20-10:50am   Rhythm Time: toddler 13 months+
11:10-11:40am     Rhythm Time: baby 0-13 months

2.30-4.00pm      Dancing for Well-being

6.00-8.00pm      Yin Yoga 2021 dates TBC

SATURDAY 09.00-09.45am Knaresborough  Martial Arts & Leadership Academy Little Ninja’s (3-6 yrs)

10:00-10.45 am Knaresborough  Martial Arts & Leadership Academy Little Ninja’s (3-6 yrs)

7.30-8.15am  Pilates & Stretch with Emergy

8.30-9.15am  Lift, Lean Strength with Emergy

9.30–10.30am  Activation Band HiiT Fitness with Emergy

SUNDAY 10.30-12.30pm    Arabic Class – back September 2021 TBC