What’s On

Due to restrictions in place during the pandemic, we are running a restricted timetable of activities. Please click here to open a December timetable (in Word) or contact us on                                                 01423 861 066 or info@chainlane.org for more information.
If you would like more information about any of the classes, please
  • follow our links to group websites or facebook pages by clicking on the blue group names below.
  • use the telephone numbers provided below (for groups who are not listed on the Internet)
  • download our weekly diary in Word format by clicking here… 
  • or contact us here at the Hub Office on 01423 861066 / info@chainlane.org during our office hours, which are 9:20am-12pm, Monday to Friday.
6.00-7.00pm   Pilates with Emergy
9.15 – 10.00am       Pilates with Claire
2.30-4.00pm      Dancing for Well-being
5.00-6.00pm      Martial Arts
6.15-7.30pm      Tai Chi Qigong
7.00-8.30pm      Yoga with Judi
9.30-10.15am  HiiT Fitness with Emergy
10.25-11.10am  Pilates with Emergy 
3.55-4.25pm    Kidslingo (4-7 yrs)
4.30-5.00pm   Kidslingo (8-11 yrs)
6.30-7.15pm  Zumba
7.30-8.15pm   Zumba
8.00-9.30pm   Knaresborough Camera Club  
9.45-10.30am    Kidslingo (18mths-4 yrs)
10.45-11.30am   Kidslingo (18mths-4 yrs)
9.15-10.45am   Keep Fit for Over 60’s
10.45-11.45am Pilates for Men with Emergy
1.30-3.30pm   Keep Fit for Over 60’s
3.30 – 6.00pm Conductive Life Service
(by appointment only)
6.15 -7.15pm  Pilates with Emergy
7.30-8.30pm   HiiT Fitness with Emergy
7.00-9.30pm   Chain Gang Square Dancing
9.30-10.15am   Fit Mix Fridays with Emergy
2.30-4.00pm      Dancing for Well-being
6.00-8.00pm      Yin Yoga 
10.00-11.00am  Martial Arts
7.30-8.15am  Pilates for Men with Emergy
8.30-9.15am  Boxer-Lates with Emergy
9.30–10.30am  HiiT Fitness with Emergy


10.00-11.00am   WW
(formerly Weight Watchers)
10.30-12.30pm   Arabic Class